Kucera & Cohen Welcomes Tehama County’s Top Prosecutor

Former Tehama County District Attorney Gregg S. Cohen recently partnered with John M. Kucera to form the Law Offices of Kucera & Cohen

Mr. Cohen brings nearly 30 years of extensive criminal trial expertise to the firm. Gregg Cohen’s longstanding commitment to criminal law is focused on aggressively advocating on a wide variety of complex felony and misdemeanor cases, spanning from state and federal drug crimes to First Degree Murder-Death Penalty cases. His commitment to excellence furthers the firm’s tradition of aggressive, insightful and effective representation in each and every case.

Mr. Cohen served for the past 20 years as the elected District Attorney for Tehama County. As District Attorney he was responsible for every lawyer and every criminal prosecution in the office, amounting to thousands of cases. Previously, Mr. Cohen worked as a Deputy District Attorney for both Shasta and Tehama Counties, thereby developing a solid reputation with the local courts and attorneys. Mr. Cohen also served as a Federal Prosecutor for the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California, trying Federal drug interdiction cases.

Many attorney colleagues and friends have asked Gregg if it is hard to work "the other side of the table." His answer is that, " it’s not difficult, just as a prosecutor is dedicated to seeking truth and justice, likewise, as a criminal defense attorney I am dedicated to protect and defend the rights of the accused. It’s really two sides of the same coin. One doesn’t exist without the other in a free society such as ours."

Over the course of nearly 30 years prosecuting criminal cases, Mr. Cohen observed, and came to know personally, many criminal defense attorneys. After retiring in January of 2019, he seriously considered several career options, but the opportunity to partner with Mr. Kucera, his good friend and a respected advocate became the obvious, easy, choice.

Between the two attorneys, Kucera and Cohen, they have nearly 70 years of criminal trial experience. Like John Kucera, Gregg’s prepared to offer qualified, experienced and aggressive defense in all matters in both State and Federal Courts.

At KUCERA & COHEN, Gregg Cohen is prepared and dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of the accused from infraction cases to the most serious of charges in State and Federal Court.

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