Criminal Defense FAQ

The following addresses some of the common questions people have when they enter the criminal justice system. Of course, everyone's situation is unique, and it is important to seek knowledgeable legal advice from a skilled attorney if you are under investigation or have been charged with any type of crime. Kucera & Cohen, offers nearly 40 years of criminal law experience. Contact the firm online for a free 30-minute consultation regarding your case.

For more detailed information about the steps involved in a typical criminal case, see the page Criminal Defense Process.

I was arrested and was read my rights. What should I do? It is of the utmost importance that you assert your rights following an arrest. You are not required to give any sort of statement to law enforcement. In fact, doing so without having an attorney present may harm your case. Calmly and politely inform the police that you are exercising your right to remain silent and that you wish to speak with an attorney.

I was charged with a misdemeanor and the penalties don't seem too severe. Is it really necessary to hire a lawyer? Punishment, either in the form of a fine and/or jail time, is just one aspect of the criminal justice system. A conviction, even for a minor crime, will follow you for life, making it difficult to find employment and qualify for certain loans, along with other long-term impacts. For this reason, it is always important to explore your options with legal counsel before making a decision that could permanently affect your future.

I'm guilty. Should I just accept the consequences and plead for mercy from the court? No. Even if you feel that you are guilty of the charges filed against you, there may be ways to lessen the impact on your freedom and your future. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer may be able to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. You should not make one of the most important decisions of your life without having all of the information in front of you.

I have not been charged with a crime, but the police still wish to talk to me about a crime. Should I meet with them? Not without first seeking legal advice. Police investigators are human, and they may already think they know what happened before they have gathered all of the information. Even if you are completely innocent, you should always consult with an attorney before making a statement that may come back to haunt you.

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