Taking On Tough California Three-Strikes Law Cases

Designed to keep individuals from becoming repeat offenders, California's three-strikes law has had many unintended results. Some individuals facing a third strike face penalties that are disproportionate to the crimes they are alleged to have committed.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any crime on California's three-strikes law list, you want an experienced attorney to help you minimize the damages. The law firm of Kucera & Cohen, can help you understand the potential consequences and build the best possible criminal defense. Contact the firm online to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case.

We Will Help Build A Strong Defense

California's three-strikes law: If you have two prior serious felony convictions, any third felony conviction is an automatic sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

When building a defense for a third felony charge, it is equally important for your lawyer to go back and look at your previous convictions. Attorney John M. Kucera will help you determine whether your prior "strikes" actually meet the criteria set forth in the three-strikes law.

They will bring a motion to strike your prior convictions as unfair or disproportionate to conduct. If they were far enough in the past, or if the charges should have been reduced to a minor felony or misdemeanor, the court could rethink your case and keep you from facing the three-strikes law.

What Is A Strike?

Serious or violent felonies, as defined by the California statute, are considered strikes. Should a $500 theft be worth 25 years to life? Probably not, but if it is your third strike, that's exactly what it could be. Mr. Kucera will take a look at your previous convictions and current charges in order to help you minimize the potential damages.

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It was meant to act as a deterrent, and that is why California courts are often willing to negotiate on felony charges that could trigger the three-strikes law. From the Redding law offices, located just a half block from the Shasta County Courthouse, the firm will help you build a comprehensive defense in order to keep you from the serious potential consequences of a third conviction. Contact the firm online today to schedule a free half-hour consultation.