Defending Against DUI/DWI/BUI Charges

Anyone can be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. All it takes is one drink too many and one lapse of judgment, and the handcuffs go on. With the potential to face serious consequences, including the possibility of jail time or the loss of your driving privileges, enlist an experienced Redding DUI/DWI attorney to protect your constitutional rights.

Kucera & Cohen, has nearly 40 years of experience defending clients throughout Northern California accused of driving while intoxicated. Whether you are accused of drunk driving or boating under the influence of alcohol, Kucera & Cohen will act quickly to develop an aggressive defense strategy focused on protecting your freedom. Contact the firm online for a free 30-minute consultation regarding your case.

California Is Cracking Down On DUIs

The state of California is running a pilot program for DUI arrests in Shasta County. This program provides the county with the financial resources to pursue and prosecute people suspected of DUI/DWI/BUI. The DUI system is tough enough as it is, imposing serious penalties for a conviction. With the extra resources of the DUI pilot program, make sure you hire a highly skilled defense attorney who knows the right steps to take in developing a strong defense strategy.

Offering An Aggressive Defense Strategy Against DUI/DWI/BUI Charges

Attorneys John M. Kucera and Gregg S. Cohen have decades of practice in the criminal justice system. Mr. Kucera is not only a skilled criminal defense attorney, but also a former judge and prosecutor. Mr. Cohen is a former District Attorney and Federal Prosecutor. Both attorneys have a firm understanding of how the local criminal justice system works. When the stakes are high, entrust Kucera and Cohen to help level the playing field against you. They will conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations against you and will fight for a dismissal based on violations of your constitutional rights or procedural errors.

Not all drunk driving charges are the same. If you have multiple offenses on your record or your DUI resulted in an injury, you will potentially face even more serious penalties. Professional drivers could permanently lose their commercial driver's license if convicted of drunk driving. Taking a look at your specific case, Mr. Kucera and Mr. Cohen will build a DUI defense tailored to your needs.

The DMV And Administrative Concerns

In addition to your criminal charges, a DUI arrest could also result in administrative consequences. The two proceedings have little effect on one another, so you will have to be prepared to fight a battle on two fronts. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will automatically suspend your license for four months, one month after your DUI unless you take proper action within 10 days of your arrest. If you are convicted of drunk driving, the DMV will re-evaluate your case. Kucera and Cohen can help you retain your driving privileges or at least "stay" license suspensions until the necessary facts are determined to challenge the action being taken by the DMV.

Experienced Lawyers Who Understand Boating And Drinking Laws

With more than 365 miles of shoreline, Shasta Lake is a haven for vacationers who love boating, water skiing and everything that comes with it. The Shasta County Sheriff's Office and National Park Service heavily patrol both Shasta and Whiskeytown lakes where one beer or drink can mean the difference between a night on the lake or in jail. Attorney John M. Kucera, helped create the boating under the influence enforcement program as a former prosecutor in the 1980s. Kucera and Cohen know firsthand how the other side works and the right steps to take in developing an aggressive defense strategy against charges for boating under the influence of alcohol.

Contact Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

A drunk driving arrest will have a major impact on your life with jail time and the loss of your driving privileges as a real possibility. Contact the firm online today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a highly skilled drunk driving defense lawyer.

Kucera & Cohen, is located one-half block north of the Shasta County Courthouse in Redding. He is committed to defending clients throughout Northern California.

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