Redding Defense Lawyer Handling Interstate Highway 5 (I-5) Drug Stops

Interstate Highway 5 extends 1,800 miles from Tijuana, Mexico, to Vancouver, Canada. This stretch of roadway has gained the attention of numerous branches of law enforcement with a steady stream of drug trafficking between those borders.

Law enforcement has become quite aggressive in pursuing drug charges against motorists along Interstate Highway 5. Individuals are being stopped for minor traffic violations, including speeding, driving too slow or driving with a cracked windshield. Law enforcement has also been known to use racial profiling to target individuals suspected of drug trafficking. If you were arrested along I-5 for a drug-related offense, obtain experienced legal help from Kucera & Cohen. Contact the firm online for a free 30-minute consultation regarding your case.

Experienced Criminal Defense From An Attorney Who Understands The Other Side

Attorney John M. Kucera and Mr.Cohen have nearly 40 years of experience in the local criminal justice system, and offers his experience as a former judge and prosecutor. They know how the prosecution works.

Once a traffic stop is made, police officers along Interstate Highway 5 are often quick to evaluate individuals based on factors that would normally be irrelevant, such as:

  • Whether the person is driving alone
  • Whether the vehicle is a rental car
  • Whether there is a single key in the ignition
  • The amount of luggage in the vehicle
  • The use of deodorizers to mask odors
  • Contrary statements made by passengers, regarding their destination

Once law enforcement believes they have a drug trafficking suspect, there is usually a request to have the person exit the car to gain a better view of the interior of the car. The presence of any screws, panels, or interior parts that appear to be tampered with or altered become an additional basis for suspecting hidden compartments and smuggling considerations.

Offering An Aggressive Defense Strategy

When the stakes are high, entrust Mr. Kucera and Mr.Cohen to develop an aggressive defense strategy. They are committed to protecting your rights, while seeking to mitigate potential damages. They will conduct a thorough investigation to understand if an illegal search and seizure occurred. They will fight for a dismissal based on any violations of your constitutional rights.

They will also seek to obtain any evidence that can be used in your favor. They will seek to cast doubt onto the credibility of the prosecution's witnesses and evaluate every angle possible to help protect your freedom.

Often, police officers ask for permission to search a motorist's car. Most individuals do not understand that absent probable cause, law enforcement has no authority to search a vehicle without consent. You have the absolute right to privacy and to refuse consent. If an individual refuses to consent to a search, law enforcement will often make efforts to intimidate drivers into giving consent by asking them intimidating questions.

If consent to search is given, the next issue becomes the scope of the search. For example, there is a difference between giving consent to simply look inside a car and tearing door panels off, emptying trunks or searching engine compartments. Giving consent or permission usually triggers a call to a team member with a drug-sniffing dog, which is never far away from where enforcement is being undertaken.

Anyone stopped in these situations should simply provide their driver's license, registration information and not answer any questions or consent to any search of their vehicle. If an arrest is made, remain silent and ask for an attorney.

Contact Kucera & Cohen, If You Are Facing Drug Charges From A Stop On I-5

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