Redding Lawyers Defending Against Marijuana Charges

Marijuana ChargesIf you face state or federal criminal charges for marijuana-related cases, obtain experienced legal help to protect your rights and keep your record clean. At Kucera & Cohen, we understand that you have rights protected by California state law. We will see to it that those rights are protected. As a former marijuana major grow prosecutor for Shasta County, John M. Kucera has the experience and knowledge it takes to successfully advise and defend clients in this emerging and quickly changing area of the law.

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Navigating The Complexities Of Medical Marijuana Law

In 1996, California passed the Compassionate Use Act (Prop. 215) to protect the rights of individuals to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Based on a doctor's recommendation, individuals with serious medical conditions such as glaucoma and migraines can legally use medical marijuana. The law also allows patients and caregivers to cultivate marijuana to be used by medical marijuana patients. Depending on the county, the amount of marijuana plants individuals can legally grow may vary.

However, people involved in marijuana charges are not free from criminal scrutiny. California state law legalizing marijuana is constantly evolving. This area of the law is even more complicated, since marijuana remains illegal under federal law. At the law firm of Kucera & Cohen, we are committed to helping clients stay on the right side of the law. We will apply our over 40 years of service and legal skills to defend individuals or groups of patients who grow medical marijuana together as a collective or cooperative.

Offering An Aggressive Defense Strategy

Police will pursue criminal charges if they believe you are cultivating marijuana with the intent to sell the drug. You can also face criminal charges for cultivating marijuana plants in grow houses beyond what your doctor recommended. This can lead to state and federal charges. You do not have the right to grow as much as you want, but the Compassionate Use Act can still be used as a defense.

At Kucera & Cohen, we have extensive experience defending clients facing marijuana possession charges and those accused of illegally growing medical marijuana. We are familiar with the complexities involved in these cases. Criminal defense attorney John M. Kucera is also a former Shasta County Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted individuals facing charges for illegally cultivating medical marijuana, as well as the trafficking, sales and forfeitures of the proceeds of those cases.

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In the right context, marijuana is legal. It is not the same as other drug charges, and it should be treated accordingly. Located a half block from the Shasta County Courthouse, our firm is ready to take on these complex cases and provide you with the defense you deserve.

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