Redding Defense Lawyer Handling Internet Sex Crimes

Just as a mousetrap is used to lure a mouse to steal cheese, law enforcement uses the internet to lure otherwise law-abiding citizens to initiate contact and meet with underage minors for illicit sexual purposes.

Unfortunately, these anticipatory crimes (based upon imaginary underage victims created by the law enforcement) almost render the same ill fate as the dead mouse. Individuals convicted of sex crimes face a lifetime of negative stigma, including the requirement to register as a sex offender and to be listed on the sex offender registry. When the stakes are high, obtain experienced legal help from a highly skilled Redding internet sex crime defense lawyer. Contact Kucera & Cohen online for a free 30-minute consultation regarding your case.

Extensive Experience Defending Against Internet Sex Crimes

Kucera & Cohen, has nearly 40 years of experience in the local criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor and judge, attorney John Kucera knows how the other side works. He will seek to level the playing field through conducting a thorough investigation into the evidence obtained against you. He will evaluate every angle possible to develop a strong defense strategy against damaging internet sex crime charges, such as:

  • Child pornography
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Sexual exploitation of minors
  • Sexting

His firm has the resources to consult computer experts and an internet specialist to track when the illegal activity allegedly occurred on your computer. He works with industry-leading experts to understand if someone else possibly used your computer or hacked into your operating system to conduct the illegal activity. He will also fight for a dismissal or reduction in charges if law enforcement failed to obtain a proper search warrant or acted outside of the search warrant's terms.

Focused On Staying Ahead Of The Prosecution

Throughout the country, law enforcement devotes substantial time and resources prosecuting individuals suspected of committing internet sex crimes. Similar to the format displayed on Dateline's "To Catch a Predator," law enforcement operates undercover stings to crack down on individuals seeking to engage in sexual activity with minors.

Law enforcement is known to profile underage individuals on social networking websites and then present themselves as minors in online chatrooms. Law enforcement throws out the "bait" in the form of sexually enticing language to try and establish a dialog between the decoy and the individual under investigation. If the conversation turns sexual in nature, law enforcement may not necessarily encourage nor discourage the conversation. Statements made through emails, texts or in chatrooms will be used as evidence against the person under investigation.

In California, law enforcement typically pursues felony charges for:

  • Arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes
  • Going to meet with a minor for lewd purposes (even though no minor person exists)
  • Distributing or intending to distribute obscene material, known as "sexting"

These crimes are punishable with serious life-altering penalties, including the lifetime requirement to register on the national sex offender registry. The law firm of Kucera & Cohen, stays focused on staying ahead of the prosecution. He is prepared to pursue a defense strategy around entrapment or violations to your constitutional rights.

Contact Kucera & Cohen, If You Are Charged With An Internet Sex Crime

If you are facing criminal charges for child pornography or online solicitation, contact him online today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. The office is located a half block north of the Shasta County Courthouse in Redding. He is committed to defending clients throughout Northern California.