Redding Lawyer Handling Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence matters affect families in different ways. If the police are called to a house on a domestic violence case, they are under a lot of pressure to arrest someone. Kucera & Cohen, protects the rights of individuals facing accusations of domestic violence in Northern California. With nearly four decades of criminal law experience, they know how difficult this is for you and your family, but they are here to help. Contact them online to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case.

Domestic Abuse Charges Carry Serious Potential Consequences

In California courts, domestic violence is not tolerated. Courts set bail very high for people accused of domestic violence. If protective orders are also filed against you, you could lose access to your home and the lifetime right to possess a firearm. Make no mistake; a domestic violence conviction will change your life. Mr. Kucera and Mr.Cohen know you want to do what is right for your family, but you must also make sure you do everything you can to protect your own rights.

In addition to traditional domestic violence charges, you could also be charged for causing a traumatic condition, which may be nothing more than a red mark. A conviction for causing a traumatic condition could lead to up to four years in state prison. If your significant other called the police during a dispute, and you suddenly find yourself in jail, do not say anything until you have spoken to an attorney. Of all cases, domestic violence witnesses are the most apt to change their statement or to recant, by saying that nothing occurred. Such situations and the circumstances surrounding them are very valuable to a defense.

Completely dedicated to criminal defense, the firm has the resources to handle a wide range of domestic abuse cases and related concerns, from stalking to sexual assault. If a protective order has been placed against you, Mr. Kucera and Mr.Cohen will make sure you understand its terms and conditions as he works to protect your personal freedoms.

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Whether you are under arrest or a restraining order has been placed against you, Mr. Kucera and Mr.Cohen  can help you protect your freedom and your future. From their offices in Redding, located a half block from the Shasta County Courthouse, they represent individuals facing domestic violence throughout the courts of Northern California. Contact them firm online today for a free 30-minute consultation.