Redding Defense Lawyer Handling Violent Crime Allegations

Make no mistake, a conviction to a violent crime will drastically alter your future. In fact, it could be for life. The consequences are high, and if you want to protect your freedom, you want an experienced defense attorney on your side. Kucera & Cohen, protects the rights of individuals facing a wide range of violent crimes charges in the state courts of Northern California. From assault and battery to homicide, Mr. Kucera and Mr.Cohen have the resources to handle the most complex violent crimes cases. Contact them online to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case.

Mr. Kucera Mr.Cohen Are Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights And Your Freedom

As with any criminal offense, if you are under investigation or have been charged with a violent crime, do not say anything until you have spoken to an attorney. You do not want to say or do anything that could potentially jeopardize your case. Completely dedicated to criminal defense, Mr. Kucera and Mr.Cohen will step in immediately to protect your rights and build the best possible defense.

Mr. Kucera and Mr.Cohen protects the rights of the accused facing a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges for violent crimes, including:

Depending on the facts of the case, there may be a number of defenses for violent crimes, including justification, the defense of others, self-defense and the defense of property. They will conduct a thorough investigation into your case in order to determine which of those motives factored into your actions.

Defending Against Serious Aggravated Assault Charges

While assault and other violent crimes carry serious consequences on their own, the stakes are even higher when they are combined with aggravating factors, such as the use of a weapon, explosives or even an automobile resulting in losing your driver's license for life. If you have been charged with aggravated assault, Mr. Kucera and Mr.Cohen can work to lower the charges and minimize the potential damages as we fight for an acquittal or dismissal of the charges.

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If you face violent crimes charges, do not wait to start building the best possible criminal defense. Located a half block north of the Shasta County Courthouse in Redding, they protect the rights of the accused throughout the courts of Northern California. Contact them online today to schedule a free half-hour consultation.