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Study says community service is ordered unfairly

A study conducted in California indicates that community service as part of criminal punishment disproportionately impacts low-income people of color who are unable to pay fines. They are often forced to choose between jail time or performing work without compensation. The principle behind community service for those convicted of crimes is that it's an alternative to serving jail time and allows an offender to garner goodwill in their community. However, the study says community service work is likely to exacerbate or mimic the problems of a debt to the court.

What does an expungement do?

You don’t want your mistake to follow you for the rest of your life. All you want to do is resume your life as normal and move on. Expungement is a term that you may have heard that allows you to clear the conviction from your record. While expungement won’t entirely clear your slate, it will update your record to show that a judge dismissed your conviction.

Reviewing California's justifiable homicide law

Some in Redding mat scoff at the notion of self-defense being a justification for violent action. This line of thinking no doubt comes from the assumption that any person who comes out the victor in an altercation cannot entirely be innocent in terms of its initiation. However, even law enforcement authorities recognize that there are indeed legitimate cases where the use of force (even deadly force) is justified. Indeed, according to information shared by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were 782 cases of justifiable homicide reported in 2017 (353 of which involved private citizens). 


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