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Types of domestic violence and how to defend accusations

While the court takes cases regarding domestic violence in California seriously, some cases unfortunately involve suspects who are facing false accusations. When considering domestic violence, many only think of physical assault, but there are numerous ways a victim can experience this type of behavior. Depending on the allegations, there are various ways an attorney may fight back against the charges.

Domestic violence restraining orders in California

When Californians are involved in domestic violence incidents, they may seek protection through obtaining domestic violence restraining orders. Therefore, it may be helpful for those who have experienced such situations to understand the different types of domestic violence restraining orders that may be issued against them.

How can you recover from a violent relationship?

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, you may have experienced the anxiety of facing your future. Now that you are on your own and no longer subjected to the demands and insults of your abuser, how can you move on and live a happy, content and successful life? Fortunately, with your focus on your strengths and your goals, you have the ability to recover from your past relationship and to find contentment once again in California. 

Changes to how police respond to domestic violence

The California court system regards domestic violence as a very serious crime. If convicted of domestic violence, the consequences can be severe, wide-ranging and have a long-lasting effect on the future. However, according to FindLaw, public perception of domestic violence has evolved over the years, which has, in turn, changed the way that police respond to a domestic violence call.

Gender stereotypes in domestic violence cases

The prevailing societal attitude toward domestic violence is that abuse occurs on a strictly male-on-female basis. However, research reported by FindLaw suggests that the incidence of women committing domestic violence against men is nearly equal to the incidence of men committing violence against a female domestic partner. At the law offices of Kucera & Cohen, we affirm that if you are facing a charge of domestic violence, you have the right to a legal defense, regardless of your gender.

How do I get a restraining order removed?

One of the ways you could potentially get rid of a restraining order in California is simply to way for it to expire. Consider the duration of the order and the likelihood that the person who filed it will try to renew it, as well as any other pertinent factors. You could also decide to file a request to change or end the order.


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