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Should you fight your speeding ticket?

As a Californian who was recently served a speeding ticket, you may be wondering if it's worth your time to fight back. The answer will be different for everyone depending on your own personal circumstances. Today, we'll look at some of the pros and cons of fighting a traffic ticket.

Fighting a traffic ticket

When you get a ticket for speeding, parking in the wrong place or another minor traffic violation, it can be easy to assume that you have no other choice than to pay the ticket and get on with your life. However, as we are aware at the law offices of Kucera & Cohen, contesting some traffic tickets may be more beneficial than just paying the fine. You and other California residents may want to learn more about whether it is in your best interests to fight a ticket or let it be.

When you cannot turn right on a red light

Stopping at a red light is a basic rule of the road that everyone who drives should be aware of. It is also common that motorists believe they can make a right turn into a different intersection while the light is still red. However, some California motorists may wonder if such turns are illegal, or if turning right on red is restricted. They may not want to turn unless they know they are legally permitted to do so.

What happens when someone passes a stopped school bus?

There have many devastating news stories about drivers passing school buses or not paying attention to a stopped school bus. Children almost always pay the price in these situations. That is why California has laws about stopping for school buses. Protecting children who are getting on or off a bus can only be done as a group effort. Drivers must pay attention and adhere to the law about stopped school buses.

What to know about driving on the shoulder

Sometimes when caught in traffic, a driver in the right hand lane is tempted to pull out and drive up the shoulder until reaching an intersection where the driver hopes to turn off the congested road. However, California drivers should resist this temptation. For one thing, it is a recipe for legal trouble. Casually driving on the shoulder also disregards the true purpose of using this route.

Are you eligible to attend a California traffic school?

Accruing points on your California driver’s license can, in some cases, lead to more serious issues, and if you generate enough points by committing certain traffic offenses, it can place your license, and potentially, your career, in jeopardy. In addition to paying more for auto insurance, having too many points on your license can threaten any transportation-related professional licenses you may have, which in turn can have a serious impact on your ability to earn a living. In some situations, however, you may be able to reduce the points you have on your record by attending a California traffic school.

How do I talk to a teen about safe driving?

California highways are dangerous, and there is no need to make them any more so by unsafe driving practices. Hopefully, your child's drivers' education curriculum has underlined this idea, but there is always room for reinforcement of such an important idea.


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